The hiring of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
Mr. Guttmann has represented many landlords in the area and is a
landlord himself in both residential and non-residential situations.
 This hands-on experience is most valuable in understanding
personally the situations of landlords and tenants.  Most clients  
do not realize the particularities involved in landlord/tenant law;
it is always best to consult with an attorney to properly litigate
your case.  

Mr. Guttmann would be happy to prepare any forms you might
need, file a lawsuit on your behalf, attend a hearing for you,
and/or litigate your case from start to end.  This firm also has, on
hand, private process servers who are willing and able to deliver
any paperwork that is needed promptly, efficiently, and
inexpensively, even for same-day service.  A few questions prior
clients have asked are as follows:

 How much time does the eviction process take?  If an eviction
is based upon a tenant's non-payment, the process usually will
take about two and a half weeks to complete in Escambia County,
Florida, from start to finish.  If the eviction is based upon
misbehavior, the eviction process will usually take approximately
a month or two to complete in Escambia County, Florida.  Other
counties will take longer, due to that particular counties' court

Can an eviction be filed without a written agreement between
the parties?
Yes, most definitely.  

What is the difference between an eviction and an ejectment?  
An eviction is necessary when the relationship between the
parties is that of landlord versus tenant.  When a person is in
possession of a premises due to some other reason (other than a
purchase), then an ejectment is necessary.  Ejectments are almost
always more complicated and contested, and the process can take
considerably longer.
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