The hiring of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
Mr. Guttmann has represented creditors since 1988.

Cases that Mr. Guttmann will consider are instances where the
debtor resides in a zip code starting with the numbers 325--.  
Unfortunately, anything outside of that area usually will not be
acceptable. As for his rates,  Mr. Guttmann has accepted cases
on a contingency fee, as well as on an hourly basis, depending
on what is agreed upon.  A typical case procedure is as follows:
 Mr. Guttmann prepares a demand letter to the debtor, a
telephone call is made to the debtor (if number is known), and
then Mr. Guttmann delivers his recommendations to the client.  
Mr. Guttmann also will domesticate foreign judgments and
proceed with collection efforts on same.  A few questions that
have been asked with regard to collections are as follows:

What is a lien?  A lien is obtained by filing suit against a
debtor and obtaining a document called a judgment and
recording a certified copy of that judgment with the public
records in the county wherein the debtor resides.  Please note
that the recording of the judgment itself does not create a lien on
the real property; it has to be the certified copy of the judgment
that is recorded in order for a lien to go into effect.  A lien is
good on that piece of real property for a period of 10 years, at
which time, if the certified copy of the judgment is not
re-recorded, it will expire.  In order to keep the lien in effect on
the debtor's property, the original certified copy of the judgment
that was obtained 10 years prior needs to be re-recorded, at
which time it will be valid for another 10 years.  A lien is only
good for a period of up to 20 years.   In many cases, before a
debtor can sell or refinance a property that has a lien on it,
he/she must first pay off that lien to clear the title on the
property.  Hence, if that is done during the 10 year time period
and/or after the re-recording of the certified copy of the
judgment, then the creditor has a chance that he/she will
eventually get paid the amount owed, plus the statutory interest
that has accrued since the date of the judgment.
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